Urban Form

1 Urban Form The study of urban form can reveal crucial insights into how different neighborhoods function and can help shape policies that promote a more livable and sustainable city. In this lesson, we focus on urban form at various scales, examining the different characteristics that make up a city’s physical structure. We’ll also explore … Read more

Urban Design

1 Urban Design Urban Design is a field that combines architecture, landscape design, and city planning. It is about creating and improving the spaces that we inhabit in cities. Urban Design is not just about aesthetics, it is a multidisciplinary process that involves planning, design, and management. To better understand this field, it’s essential to … Read more

New Urbanism

1 New Urbanism New Urbanism is a planning and design theory that promotes sustainable and walkable communities with mixed-use development, transportation options, and access to public spaces. This movement aims to combat urban sprawl and promote social interaction and positive community development. The New Urbanism philosophy emphasizes the conservation of land and the integration of … Read more