How to Define a City

1 How to Define a City Several students have asked about defining a city.  There are lots of definitions and they usually rely on the population of the area.    Definition City – Large: Territory inside an Urbanized Area and inside a Principal City with population of 250,000 or more. City – Midsize: Territory inside an … Read more

Best Planned Cities from Around the World

1 Introduction The cities covered in this lesson are considered some of the best-planned cities in the world. Their well-organized layout is what they have in common. With these distinct patterns come efficient, well-planned transport routes that pass directly through the city’s core, resulting in less traffic congestion, improved public transportation, and enhanced walking and … Read more

Important Planning Concepts

1 Introduction Urban planning is the application of theory to achieve a sustainable and well-organized urban environment. It entails a number of strategies, including land use planning, infrastructure planning, and environmental planning. In practice, a variety of urban planning approaches have emerged, including culture-based urban planning, approach-based urban planning, and mixed or hybrid urban planning, … Read more

What is Urban Planning?

1 What is Urban Planning? Do you ever look around and question why particular towns, cities and neighborhoods have taken the structures they have? Urban planning! It is a crucial practice that forms our environment and decides how we collaborate with it. Here, you will discover what urban planning is and why it is essential … Read more