Inclusion and Equity in City Planning

1 Understanding Inclusion and Equity in City Planning In city planning, inclusion and equity play crucial roles in creating fair and inclusive urban environments. Inclusion ensures diverse voices are heard and represented, while equity focuses on fairness and addressing historical disparities. These principles can be applied in various aspects of city planning, such as housing, … Read more

Applying an Equity Lens in City Planning

1 Applying an Equity Lens in City Planning Applying an equity lens in city planning is essential for identifying and rectifying existing disparities. It involves using data and evidence-based decision-making to ensure fairness and equal access to resources, services, and opportunities. Equity assessments are conducted to identify inequities in areas such as affordable housing, transportation, … Read more

Equitable Development

1 Equitable Development Equitable development is an approach that aims to ensure the fair distribution of resources, opportunities, and benefits within a community, thereby promoting social, economic, and environmental justice. It is guided by principles of inclusivity, affordability, accessibility, and sustainability, with goals that encompass reducing disparities, fostering community engagement, and promoting overall well-being. To … Read more