City Beautiful Movement

3 Introduction American cities in the early 20th century were unhealthy, congested, and not functional. The City Beautiful Movement aimed to change this by applying aesthetics and urban planning principles, creating a humane and functional city. The movement gathered planners, experts, volunteers, architects, artists, civic officials, journalists, businessmen, and citizens focusing on individual and ensemble … Read more

Garden City

3 Introduction The Garden City Movement, a utopian concept in urban planning, was introduced by Ebenezer Howard in the late 19th century. The movement emphasized the importance of balancing the town and country, creating sustainable communities with ample green spaces and a focus on the environment. It aimed to provide ideal living conditions, with a … Read more

Urban Renewal in the United States

3 Urban Renewal in the United States Urban renewal was a government program started in the 1940s that aimed to revitalize American cities by demolishing and rebuilding blighted areas. The program was controversial, with critics arguing that it displaced low-income residents and destroyed historic neighborhoods. It was often done with no community involvement during the … Read more